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See my wallet

A little late, but here it is! As you can see, my wallet is a simple black leather tri-fold with a snap button closure. It's not too bulky and can easily fit into my pocket or small purses. On the left side, you can see my cards and ID. I have a mix of credit, debit, and loyalty cards, as well as my driver's license. In the middle section, there are two compartments. The top one holds my cash and the bottom one holds receipts or any other important papers I may need to hold onto. On the right side, there is a clear ID pocket where I keep my insurance card, as well as a smaller zippered compartment where I keep coins and other small items. Overall, my wallet is pretty basic but it serves its purpose well. It's sturdy and has held up for years without showing much wear and tear. And most importantly, it helps me stay organized and keep track of my cards and cash.

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