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RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) variables refer to the subjective assessment of an individual's level of effort and intensity during physical activity. It is a scaling system where individuals rate their perceived exertion on a numerical scale, typically from 6 to 20, with 6 being no exertion and 20 being maximal exertion. This scale is used to monitor and adjust training intensity and workload. RPE variables can include factors such as

Java Bean is a reusable software component written in the Java programming language that follows the JavaBeans component model. It is a class that encapsulates properties, methods, and events in a single package, making it easy to use in various applications. Java Beans have a set of standardized rules and conventions that define their behavior and enable them to be easily integrated into different environments, such as Java applets, servlets,

An administrative object is an entity within an administrative system that performs a specific role or function. It can refer to physical objects, such as equipment or supplies, as well as intangible objects, such as policies, procedures, or databases. Examples of administrative objects include ID cards, office supplies, job descriptions, budgets, and organizational charts. These objects help to facilitate the efficient management and operation
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